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A point of sale (POS) system is used by businesses to record sales, manage inventory, and capture data to help that business make smarter business decisions and have more knowledge of the numbers.

The most common type of POS system is one that uses touch screens for customers to swipe their cards and sign for purchases with their names.

Other types include handheld devices that employees use at checkout counters, cash registers with computer screens attached, and traditional computers with keyboards attached.

Post Pandemic restaurants are using server handhelds like SpotOn Serve Handheld devices.

Handhelds Feature Benefits Include:

  • Faster Table Turn
  • Unlimited Items
  • Pay at Table
  • Online Ordering Notification

In today’s modern world, it is crucial for restaurant owners to have a strong point of sale. It’s the brain of the operation and brings the largest return on investment than any other tool.

This can be done by considering all aspects before making your decision.

What makes the Best Restaurant Point of Sale?

Features like:

  • Ease of use,
  • Fast and Reliable,
  • Great Customer Service,
  • Affordable,
  • Ability to capture data,
  • manage your profits,
  • track labor and so much more.

Most Point of Sale providers will charge you a fee per month to use the software plus extra fees for additional services like Review Management, Marketing, Loyalty, Appointment Software, Websites, and even sometimes charges an extra fee for online orders.

Be aware of long contracts and one of the most important mistake that Restaurant Owners make when purchasing a restaurant point of sale is that they really have no idea what it does, has no training, basically just had a really good salesman talk them into purchasing a machine to take payments not grow your business.

Don’t Make this MISTAKE get a demo with our Restaurant Marketing Team to get a demo of our Restuarant Point of Sale and Software.

Schedule Your Restaurant Software Demo

There is a good chance you have heard of the phrase “Data is King”.

Data is the new currency of business.

Data has become more valuable than ever before in today’s economy, with tech playing a huge role to help you earn your customer’s trust and survive as an entrepreneur!

I recommend using loyalty programs, app downloads, referral-based marketing, remarketing, and customer promotion to help drive your restaurant revenue from past customers while building out marketing plans to keep acquiring new ones while creating lifelong customers with your past customers.

How do you do that?

Through data from loyalty programs, guest signup, online ordering, and newsletter signups.

SpotOn Restaurant’s point of sale offers several different ways to capture data from SpotOn Connect, free customer wifi that allows access to high-speed internet in exchange for customer email addresses which opts you into receiving marketing messages through the SpotOn Marketing Database for the restaurant.

They also offer Online Ordering and a customer database within the Restaurant Point of Sale that allows for House Accounts and notes for each customer.

SpotOn has several other tools to help build and market your database like SpotOn AppointmentsSpotOn Reserve where you can make reservations for your favorite SpotOn Restaurant, and your profile on SpotOn Consumer App is on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The Bigger Issue with data

Ok, most of us restaurant owners can relate to what I’m about to talk about in the next paragraph.

It takes a lot to run a restaurant from hiring, managing, doing payroll, ordering supplies (nowadays it’s looking for a place to get fried pickles because your supplier is out for 3 months), making sure you have enough employees to work the shift, making sure everyone is happy in the dining room not counting all the stress and pressure that is on you to keep the doors open.

I can’t leave out the worse part..having to say I’m sorry about your experience on reviews because customers still expect the service even though you are short-staffed or have an entirely new crew that doesn’t quite have the experience or training to create the best customer experience that is demanded right now from customers.

Then you need to block off hours a week to do social posts, write engaging content for search engines, and create or plan promotions.

So that is where my company View 360 Marketing comes in and helps you create that database, nurture that database to create loyal customers for life.

We use very specific techniques that are backed by very complex strategies and research.

Don’t be fooled by companies promising you the world but charging you unrealistic fees.

Contact us and we will build you a solid plan that will guarantee you a profit or you don’t owe us a dime! We stand by that guarantee 100%.

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